2023 Accountability

Putting together a conference like this is quite the journey, and while it's a thrilling one, it's not without its costs. Our fourth year of orchestrating a full weekend of online events has been both an enriching learning experience and a rewarding challenge for our planning squad.

Our success relies heavily on a robust team of dedicated volunteers who've generously offered their time and expertise. It's a level of commitment that money can't buy, and we're overflowing with gratitude for their indispensable contributions.

Though we love a good DIY approach, some professional tools and infrastructure are essential to ensure a smooth and engaging experience for everyone involved. Below, you'll find a transparent overview of the associated costs.


Total to date: US $995.96 as of August 11, 2023

*A quick note about our merchandise store: we created these products in response to enthusiastic requests from Summit attendees. They're here for you to enjoy, not for us to profit from, so everything is sold at cost. Your excitement is our reward, and we thank you for being part of this remarkable adventure!


Should you wish to assist us in offsetting the costs we've incurred, we've established a PayPal account to accept donations.

We opted for PayPal to minimize transaction fees. There's no specific fundraising target; we're simply offering this option for those who'd like to contribute towards defraying the above-mentioned expenses.

Total to date: $0 as of August 11, 2023

Our sincerest thanks to the following for their generosity and support: 

We don't currently have a specific forecast for ongoing costs but a rough estimate of continuing with basic infrastructure for website, storage, domain names, occasional online meetings, etc, should amount to roughly $100/month.  Any donations that exceed current expenses will be applied towards future expenses.