2022 Accountability

Putting on a conference is a lot of work.

Organizing a full-on 3-day-long online-only conference for the third year has once again been a very educational and rewarding challenge for the planning squad.

Pulling this off relied primarily on many MANY hours of volunteer work from a variety of people who were very generous with both their time and expertise. No amount of money could afford this dedication and commitment and we are eternally thankful for their contribution.

We endeavored to keep most of the work DIY. In order to make things run smoothly and effectively we also needed some tooling and infrastructure to support us, and to ensure all participants have as smooth as possible an experience. The following is an accounting of the costs associated with these items.

Note: While we have an active store selling merchandise of interest to Summit attendees, we created these products because people asked and are excited about it, not to turn a profit, so all items are sold at cost and we do not make money from their sales.


  • $437.88 - Zoom Pro plan with webinar and large meeting ad-ons (2 months)

  • $100.00 - Cloud storage and domain names with Google and Dreamhost (12 months)

  • $50.00 - Communication tools and automation with Zapier (2 months)

  • $65.94 - Canva team account (6 months)

  • $56.00 - Merchandise sales and fulfillment with Printful and Storenvy (3 months)

  • $100.00 - Shipping and distribution with local mail services (one time fee)

  • $82.00 - Surveying services (2 months)

  • $1,110 - Speaker Thank Yous

  • 54.00 - Later.com social media integration

Total to date: US $2055.82 as of October 26, 2022


To help us offset the expenses incurred, we have set up a PayPal to gather donations. We chose Paypal to keep transaction fees as low as possible. We are not looking to raise a specific amount, only enough to offset the expenses accrued above.

Total to date: $2143.09 as of October 23, 2022


Our sincerest thanks to the following for their generosity and support: Adeline Lim, Trish Rafa, Kerstin Holzgraebe, Janneke Van der Weijden, Lynn Shouls, Diane Halford, Shelley Jordan, Ellen Newell, Kate Igoe, Lucy Atkins-Smith, Ashleigh McGregor, Mandy Mellor, Liza Mattison, Elisabeth Muramoto, Jude Dobson, Lynn Shouls, Jane Kendall, Samantha Bennion, Patricia Book

Note: We expect that some of the expenses above should become an ongoing commitment as we continue to maintain the content created and plan further gatherings and other activities to support this growing community, so any donations that exceed current expenses will be applied towards future expenses.

We don't currently have a specific forecast for ongoing costs but a rough estimate of continuing with basic infrastructure for website, storage, domain names, occasional online meetings, etc, should amount to roughly $100/month.