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September 25-27, 2020

Anne Lister Research Summit

An online conference for
Anne Lister research enthusiasts


To all summiteers who joined us for 28 sessions over three days, sharing knowledge, engaging in discussion, and exploring together, thank you.

We hope you were able to meet other like-minded people, answer some of your burning AL research questions, and ask many, many more.

You made this Summit memorable, useful and an experience worth repeating. Stay tuned for more info in your inbox soon.

— The Summit Squad

The Anne Lister Research Summit's goal is to bring together people interested in researching Anne Lister to share knowledge and develop collaborations.

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September 25-27, 2020


✔ 15 August: Summit announcement

✔ 25 August: Call for participation (closed on the 10th)

✔ 11 September: Registration open for Pre-summit Orientation sessions

✔ 15 September: Get some merch!

✔ 18 September, 2020:

✔ The Summit on 25th-27th!

✔ Session video recordings and references available on the website.

✔ Give feedback about your summit experience! (closed on October 11)


Until now, there has been no organized forum for fostering this new and growing interest.

The Summit allows you to journey beyond the dramatized versions of these amazing women and learn more about their real lives and times, and also acquire new skills to conduct your own research and dive deep into the topics that interest you.

We hope this Summit facilitates people researching Anne Lister finding each other, exchanging knowledge and developing common practices in AL research with a low barrier to entry. We are all excited about Anne, Ann, Mariana, and everyone and everything in-between—including you.


Over the course of three days you'll get to:

  • Connect and have fun with people who share your enthusiasm and excitement about Anne Lister, her people, and her time—not just making new acquaintances, but creating collaborations that last.

  • Be part of hands-on sessions exploring how to pursue your topics of interest using accessible historical documents and available technology—in these sessions you actively participate and learn.

  • Bring who you are into a conference that thinks about the program, the schedule, the collaboration dynamics—as well as ways to celebrate everything you have to share.


Unlike traditional conferences (with selected speakers and prepared talks), the Summit includes a variety of session formats led by a facilitator, responsible for ensuring a productive session and encouraging participation.

Sessions will include a mix of facilitated discussions, workshops, and showcases centered around sharing and exploring existing information about Anne Lister, how individuals are conducting research to date, and discussions about what the Summit participants want to explore in the future.

To develop a program that covers a variety of interests and topics within the realm of Anne Lister Research that is reflective of what our community is looking for, we'll open a call for participation to solicit session ideas so you can tell us what you want to bring to the Summit.

The full event will happen online on live video, to allow for the broadest number of participants across the globe, and to reduce barriers for entry presented by the need to travel, especially considering the risks and constraints of the worldwide pandemic.


As the first event of this kind, we hope to build a strong community on the following values:

We elevate Anne Lister, the person

By focusing on the information available in primary sources and interpreting Anne’s own words through her diaries and letters, we honor her legacy and elevate her history.

We are inquisitive and respectful

By being open to different perspectives and perceptions of Anne Lister, we engage in meaningful debate that helps expand our collective understanding of her life and times, enriching the discourse about who she was and her life experience.

We support one another

By offering each other our expertise and empathy, we find new collaborators, help each other learn, and expand access and strengthen the quality of Anne Lister research available to all.

We explore in the open

By sharing our work and processes, we bring visibility and greater access to Anne Lister's story and encourage more people to become interested and knowledgeable about Anne Lister.

We will strive for excellence following our code of conduct for guidance and support.

The Summit squad

We have spent the last year researching, transcribing, visiting archives and libraries, hunting for graves, trolling databases, writing, proofreading, fact-checking, spreadsheeting, making web pages, sharing information, promoting resources, and facilitating conversations and partnerships with a variety of people out in the world who share our desire to understand and promote Anne Lister.

With the lessons learned from our experience with PackedWithPotential.org, the many requests we’ve received from the Ann(e)dom at large, and our thirst for more, we’ve assembled a three day experience packed with discussions, workshops, panels, and tutorials. We hope this summit will promote a better understanding of Anne Lister and help advance the many avenues of research into her life and we hope you like it.


We love fictional Anne too! This event is about researching Anne Lister, the real person, who enjoyed a very eventful life between 1791 and 1840. If you are looking for a place to geek out about Suranne Jones’ wonderful portrayal of Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack, check out GJ HBO/BBC, Shibden After Dark, ALBW Chat and #GentlemanJack.

Cover photo: Vignemale by Ruth Goldman, 2013