We covered a lot over three days! Here you will find video recordings, references and other materials shared during the third Summit in 2022

Session recordings and references

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Welcome to the Summit!

With the Summit Squad

Let’s start our journey with an overview of why we’re coming together, what to expect, and how to make the most of it.

You’ll receive a zoom meeting link for the “water closet” that will be the same for all group activities and breaks across all three days, as well as for the final Peak Party on Sunday.


"Shew us the archives": Navigating your research journey

With Ruth Cummins and Jenny Wood from West Yorkshire Archive Service Calderdale

Join the Calderdale team of the West Yorkshire Archive Service in a workshop that will take us on an archival research journey. We’ll discuss how archives work, share tips and tricks to help you prepare and shed some light on what to expect on your visit. We’ll talk about collections available, how to handle materials safely, and the resources available remotely. A must for anyone about to embark on their first archive adventure or for seasoned researchers wanting to brush up on their skills!


WYAS Transcription Project: An Update

With Ruth Cummins, Jenny Wood, Jane Kendall, and Kerstin Holzgraebe

Facilitated by Janneke van der Weijden

Join us to learn more about the work being done behind the scenes with the West Yorkshire Archive Service Transcription Project to make Anne Lister's journals accessible to the public.

WYAS representatives Ruth Cummins and Jenny Wood will give an overview of the project and discuss its current status, while volunteers and transcribers Jane Kendall and Kerstin Holzgraebe share information about the project’s current checking phase.


Memory Studies & “The Diaries of Anne Lister”

With Marthe-Siobhán Hecke, M.A., M.Ed. & Natalie Joe Hungate, M.A

“O books! books! I owe you much. Ye are my spirit’s oil without which, its own friction against itself would wear it out.”

Marthe-Siobhán Hecke and Natalie Hungate introduce their audience to the academic field of Memory Studies and examine Anne Lister’s Diaries from various angles: the diary as a private example to remember one’s own past, to remember a queer past, thus challenging history, and using the diaries to contribute to personal identity, communities, and for political means. By the end, you too will ask yourself: how is remembering the past connected to the present and how does this influence the future? 

Please note: this session was not recorded.

Anne Lister’s Reading Habits

With Amy Solomons

Let’s start our journey with an overview of why we’re coming together, what to expect, and how to make the most of it.

You’ll receive a zoom meeting link for the “water closet” that will be the same for all group activities and breaks across all three days, as well as for the final Peak Party on Sunday.


Six Word Story

With Jessica Lowther-Payne

Anne Lister’s journals are estimated to total more than 5 million words across 7,720 pages, not including her vast archive of letters. Are you ready for the challenge of condensing that down into just six words whilst still conveying the emotion and sense of adventure seen throughout her writing?

We invite you to have a go at writing your own ‘six word story’ about Anne or perhaps somebody else from her world. We’ll even be including our favourites in our 2022 Summit Zine!


The Lister Moves

With Katherine Pennavaria and Anna Hawthorne

Facilitated by Dr. Kate Lister

How did Anne Lister engage with and entice her lovers? What understanding did she have of sex in the 19th century?

Join a conversation with Katherine Pennavaria and Anna Hawthorne, led by Dr. Kate Lister, as they discuss Anne Lister's self-reported sexual behaviors, preferences, seduction strategies, and power dynamics in her intimate relationships.


Mining Laughs: How the Legacy of Anne Lister Inspires Comedy

With Amanda Walgrove, Biljana Popović, and Kate McCabe

Why is Anne Lister funny? 

Discover how humor in her journals and depictions in the media have influenced contemporary parody in the genres of illustrated comics, improv, and sketch comedy. Join Amanda Walgrove, Bijljana Popovic, and Kate McCabe in conversation about their respective art forms and how they interpret this amusing historical figure.


Travelling in Anne Lister’s Footsteps

With Adeline Lim, Lucia Falzari, and Susanne Piotrowski

Facilitated by Janneke van der Weijden

Anne Lister was a brave and adventurous spirit. This session explores Anne’s travels, provides insights into the landmarks she visited that can still be visited by the 21st-century traveller and reveals how Anne’s indelible effect has changed how we experience travel. 

In a discussion facilitated by Janneke van der Weijden, Adeline Lim, Lucia Falzari, and Susanne Piotrowski will also share how you can learn more about Anne’s travels via various resources.


“My Mind on Paper”: Academic Writing Workshop

With Natalie Joe Hungate, M.A

How should this be phrased in a publication? How should a paper be organized? Why are citations so important? How are citations properly formatted? All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop. Academic writing can be intimidating, however, after this quick introduction, you’ll be more confident and ready to share your ideas with the world!


Ann Walker's interfering in-laws: The Sutherlands

With David Glover

What was the background of the penniless Scottish Captain who married into the wealthy Walker family of Crow Nest in 1828? What did Anne Lister think of him? Is there evidence that he was harsh to his wife? How did he deal with Ann Walker's troubles in the 1840s? George Mackay Sutherland is frequently seen in a negative light, but does he deserve this? Join David Glover and learn more about Sutherland and his marriages, and hear about his descendants, some of whom were certainly rogues.


Searching for Ann 2022

With Diane Halford, Dorjana Širola, Leila Straub, Deb Woolson, Helen Childers, Veronika Lesnakova, and Kerstin Holzgraebe

In Search of Ann Walker is a collaborative group of people, interested in bringing to light details of Ann Walker’s life so she can be an inspiration to others and take her rightful place in history. This session includes Ann Walker’s journey home from Russia, a preliminary look at the Ann Walker Health Tracker and how researching Ann took us down a rabbit hole looking into Eliza Raine’s diary.


“Little bit of Chaos” | Zines 101

With Sarah Wingrove

A "zine" (short for magazine) is a small-batch or DIY publication that is inexpensive to produce & simple to distribute.

For these reasons, zines have historically provided marginalized voices a safe, independent platform for expression that is either too niche or taboo for mainstream mass media.

Learn a brief history of the use and influence of zines in queer and feminist movements, and create your own page as part of the collaborative 2022 Summit Zine!


Queering the Language

With Mette Hildeman Sjölin and Stephen Turton

How much of the ‘queer’ language Lister used in her journals was unique to her, and how much was customary at the time? How did she use certain terms to communicate without being understood by outsiders, and what can these terms tell us about the way topics such as gender, sexuality, and relationships were viewed and conceptualized in her day?

Join Mette Hildeman Sjölin and Stephen Turton as they analyze the unconventional vocabulary that can be found in Anne Lister's journal.


Off to Paris!

With Susanne Piotrowski

Anne Lister spent about 3.8 years in Paris. Her affair with the French capital began in 1819 with a sightseeing tour and ended in 1838 when Paris was a starting point for her travels in Europe like in 1833 and 1834.

From 1824 to 1831 Anne settled there for several reasons. But did she get what she was hoping for? How did she manage life with few servants? Did she gain more knowledge? And why was the 1822 Paris trip a flop?

Let's get off to Paris and find out!


Anne Lister’s Masculinities

With Dr. Kit Heyam, Dr. Finn Mackay

Facilitated by Sarah Wingrove

Join a conversation with Dr. Kit Heyam, a queer trans writer, academic, and heritage practitioner and Dr. Finn Mackay, a feminist author, speaker, and activist.

Moderated by Sarah Wingrove, this session will focus on Anne Lister's self-described masculinities in relation to historical context of gender nonconformity in the 19th century with contemporary consideration inclusive of modern butch, trans, and non-binary identities.


Travelling the Roads of Imperial Russia

With Dorjana Širola

What was it like for Anne Lister and Ann Walker to travel the roads of the Russian Empire? Find out how they navigated podorozhnas (permissions to use post horses), yamshchiks (hired coachmen), and post stations; how fast they travelled, and how they dealt with the various frustrations on the road; and much more.

Join Dorjana Širola as she illustrates this with a reconstruction of their six-day dash between St. Petersburg and Moscow, not covered in Anne’s journal or travel notebooks.


Anne Lister and Heritage: Teaching LGBT history in heritage spaces

With Abbie Owen-Jones

Since its release in 2019, Gentleman Jack has rocketed Anne Lister and Shibden Hall to a new level of popularity. Shibden Hall and Halifax have seen a record number of tourists, and LGBT history is on display in more heritage spaces than ever. This session will explore how the effects of Gentleman Jack on Anne Lister and Shibden Hall’s growing popularity while also looking at other heritage spaces and how the need to teach LGBT history has grown in the last two decades.


Eliza Raine: An intriguing life, from India to Osbaldwick

With Jude Dobson

Facilitated by Jessica Lowther-Payne

Jude Dobson explores key events in the life of Anne Lister’s first lover: Eliza Raine. Born in India, Eliza made a long sea voyage to England at only 5 or 6 years old. She met Anne when they were boarders at the Manor School in York but, as Anne got older and expanded her circle of contacts and lovers, Eliza’s life took another direction. What role did Anne play in Eliza’s life? What happened to Eliza after Anne’s death? Join us as we journey from India to Osbaldwick, via Halifax and York.


'Your Friend Sib' - Sibbella Maclean: An Introduction

With Kat Williams

Sibbella Maclean, often referred to as Miss McL-, was a romantic interest-turned-lover and correspondent of Anne Lister. Their relationship spanned ten years, from 1820 to Sibbella's untimely death in 1830, with too few meetings and hundreds of carefully penned love letters. Join Kat Williams as we uncover this 'elegant looking creature' and explore the nature of her relationship with Anne Lister. 


Mariana, Marriage, & (No) Money: The Untold Story

With Shantel Smith

Marriage was a business in C19 England & if you didn’t have wealth then you better put a ring on it. But did Mariana have access to family wealth & inheritance that precluded her from obligatory marriage? What was her standing when she married Chas. B. Lawton & became Mrs. Lawton of Lawton Hall? 

Join Shantel Smith, Marianalogist & Belcombe scholar, as she dissects Mariana’s situation & society’s expectations & how this intersection led to the inevitable breaking of her & Anne Lister’s hearts.


Going to Italy - Anne Lister & her Italian connections

With Lucia Falzari, Irene Trotta, and Francesca Raia

Facilitated by Janneke van der Weijden

The Anne Lister Italia team will share some highlights of their research, which covers Lister’s 1827 visit as well as information about some of her acquaintances who lived or resided in Italy like Maria Barlow, Sophie O’ Ferrall, and De Bourke.

Discover what correspondence revealed both about Miss Lister and the country of Italy itself!


Ann Walker through her lens and those of her contemporaries

With Marlene Oliveira

Ann Walker features prominently in Anne Lister’s journals. Often, it's only this perspective that is used to interpret Miss Walker. But, how much can Anne really tell us about Ann? And what can we learn from Ann Walker's own perspective? Will our understanding of her change depending on the perspectives we're using to study her?

Join Marlene Oliveira and dive into Ann Walker’s archive and those of her contemporaries as we discuss how the information these contain can help us get to know Ann.