We covered a lot over three days! Here you will find video recordings, references and other materials shared during the inaugural Summit in 2020.

Session recordings and references

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Anne Lister Research Summit Welcome

Introduction to the Summit, collaborative research, how this community works together and the first round of Lister Bingo!


A History of Researching Anne Lister

Explore how researching Anne Lister evolved over the years and what shaped researcher's interpretation of her as a person, her written legacy and her historical context.


Digging through the archives—and how to manage your research mess!

How to locate archival materials through different means, how to prepare in-person and virtual visits to archives and how to keep everything organized.


Anne Lister Diaries, Travel Journals, and Papers

Overview of the West Yorkshire Archive Service’s collections which contain a considerable amount of material relating to Anne Lister, including the diaries, correspondence, and other documents.


#AnneListerCodeBreaker 101

Discussion of what it’s like to be a Code Breaker, how people transcribe differently and how to become involved with the project.


Hidden revealing: typography research, glyph studies and visual interpretations of Anne Lister's crypthand

Cross-media experiments discussing what is uncovered through transformations such as digitising Anne Lister's crypt-hand, manipulating type to create patterns, and experimenting with meaning.


Paris, sex and a social Life: a conversation with Dannielle Orr

Dannielle Orr discusses her experience researching Anne Lister for her 2006 PhD, what the journals revealed to her and some take-aways from that experience.


Anne Lister's travels

Review some of Anne Lister’s adventures with discussion about her achievements, traveling companions and what it is like researching Anne’s travels.


Workshop: Creating Interactive StoryMaps of Anne Lister’s travels

Learn how to bring transcriptions of Anne’s travels to life for a wider audience using the free StoryMapJS tool. This session will introduce you to the tool and how it can be used to display Anne’s travels.


Kiss & Tell: Anne Lister and sex

Join a conversation with Anne Choma and Dr. Anna Clark to get a better understanding of Anne’s Lister’s sex life.


Mariana Lawton & The Belcombes

Take a deep dive into the world of Mariana Lawton (nee Belcombe) and her family, the one time in-laws of Anne Lister.


Workshop: How to create an interactive historical timeline

The session provides an introduction to TimelineJS and existing Anne Lister timeline, and includes tips for preparing your own, and a full live demonstration of creating a timeline


Sarah Rose from Calderdale Libraries Local Studies speaks to David Glover of the Halifax Antiquarian Society about Halifax and its central role in Anne Lister's life.


Whether you’re just curious, want to dig into this matter, or are an experienced researcher, join Lynn Shouls as she opens the door to additional research on the Lister coat of arms and provides context as to its importance.


The Women of Anne Lister's Journals

Anne Lister engaged in friendship and sexual relationships with a number of women, detailing these connections in a combination of plain and crypt hand across 'volumes a many of journalizing'. We delve into the lives of Anne Lister's lovers and lesbros; who were they? What are their stories?


In the past year, a great deal of information has been uncovered that allows us to begin to see Ann Walker in a new light. The woman now emerging was much more than the shy heiress who made the commitment to be Anne Lister’s companion for life.


We’ve got sessions for her journals, her family, her travels, and her lovers, this session will shift the focus back to Anne. From her childhood and education to her cultural interests and estate management, Helena Whitbread will take stock of all the complexities that made Anne Lister… well, Anne Lister.


Laurie Shannon discusses what we can expect from the role of the new Anne Lister Society in future research, then Lívia Labate recaps open collaborative projects ongoing now at Packed with Potential and how you can engage and contribute.


Lister Trivia

Trivia Master Jess Betik hosted a very competitive five-round game of trivia covering a variety of Anne Lister-related topics. Here are the questions—and answers.

Round 1 — General British history and culture


  1. Though the United Kingdom is a united sovereign state, it is comprised of 4 separate countries of which England and Scotland are just 2. Name the capital cities of all 4 of the constituent countries of the UK.

  2. York always remained a city near and dear to Anne Lister’s heart. But York was not always called York. York was actually both a Viking and Roman settlement before it was incorporated by the Anglo-Saxons and the name of the city officially became York. The Romans called their York settlement Eboracum. What did the Vikings name their settlement?

  3. Anne Lister loved to travel, but her methods of travel were over land and by sea. Nowadays we have the ability to fly to places all across the world. Name 4 of the 6 international airports that service the city of London.

  4. In everyone’s favorite show, Gentleman Jack, in the very first episode we hear Anne Lister bemoaning the passage of the “Representation of the People Act of 1832” also known as the First Reform Bill which introduced to the UK the first statute to explicitly ban women from voting, while extending the right to vote to male tenant farmers, shopkeepers, small landowners, and even some lodgers. When would women finally gain the right to vote in the UK?

  5. Anne Lister was born in 1791 and died in 1840, living during the reigns of 4 British monarchs. Name 2 of those monarchs.


  1. London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff

  2. Jorvik

  3. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, City, Southend

  4. 1918 – women over the age of 30 who met property owning requirements or were married to a man who was eligible to vote

  5. George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria

Round 2 — Women’s history and female firsts


  1. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, was an English mathematician and writer, perhaps best known to us today for being the first person to create a computer program for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Ada’s mother actually encouraged Ada’s very unusual-for-the-time education in mathematics and logic, in part to fight off the stigma of her famous father’s alleged “insanity”. Who was Ada Lovelace’s famous father?

  2. Though Anne Lister’s political leanings might not have allowed her to be a big fan of this writer, what is the name of the British philosopher who wrote “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” in 1792?

  3. You might know that Emmeline Pankhurst was a major organizer of the UK’s suffragette movement. But you may not know that Mrs. Pankhurst had 3 daughters who were also deeply involved in the women’s suffrage movement. Name one of her daughters.

  4. Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby are perhaps best known as the Ladies of Llangollen. They lived together for almost 50 years in a Gothic-style mansion near the town of Llangollen in northern Wales, but neither lady was actually Welsh by origin. Where were the Ladies of Llangollen from originally? (I am looking for a country, not a specific town or area, just the country).

  5. What is the name of the first woman to take a seat in the UK’s Parliament? Note: there was one woman elected to Parliament before this, but she was never able to actually take her heat in Parliament. I am looking for the first woman to actually sit as an MP.


  1. George Gordon Byron, aka Lord Byron

  2. Mary Wollstonecraft

  3. Christabel, Sylvia, Adela

  4. Ireland (County Kilkenny to be exact)

  5. Nancy Astor (Countess Constance Markievicz was elected to Parliament in 1918 but as a member of Sinn Fein, she never took her seat in Parliament)

Round 3 — TV Connections


  1. Sally Wainwright and Suranne Jones have worked together on multiple projects together, from “Scott and Bailey” to “Gentleman Jack”. On what long running British show, where Sally was a writer and Suranne an actor, did these two first work together?

  2. Suranne Jones and Shaun Dooley (who plays Jeremiah Rawson on “Gentleman Jack”) have also worked together several times, but in what TV miniseries were Suranne and Shaun first brought together for 1 episode in 2005?

  3. What actor from “Gentleman Jack” has played Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I, the Empress Frederick of Germany, as well as the Marchioness of Queensberry previously on the big screen, small screen, and on stage?

  4. What “Gentleman Jack” alumnus recently played the role of Geraldine Martens on the latest season of “Killing Eve”?

  5. What long running BBC period drama has featured numerous actors from “Gentleman Jack”, including Sophie Rundle, Rosie Cavaliero (Cordingley), Thomas Howes (John Booth), Lucy Black (the long-suffering Mrs. Sowden), and Joel Morris (William Hardcastle)?


  1. Coronation Street

  2. Vincent (episode 3)

  3. Gemma Jones

  4. Gemma Whelan

  5. Call the Midwife

Round 4 — Music and Anne Lister


  1. In June of 1809, Anne wrote in her diary about her attendance at a performance of sacred and profane music. Of the sacred music sung, she particularly noted the song based on the poem “The Dying Christian to his Soul”. That poem was written by what legendary English poet, who is perhaps most famous for his satirical poetry including “The Rape of the Lock”, “The Dunciad”, and his translations of Homer’s epics?

  2. While in Paris in 1830, Anne wrote about attending the opera and meeting up with the Polish count and countess Zamoyska while there. They were all there to hear an opera titled “Moses in Egypt” by what famous Italian composer who is possibly best known for his last opera, 1832’s “William Tell”, from which we get the “William Tell Overture”?

  3. Diary readers and code breakers know that Anne Lister at various times throughout her life played the flute. Another semi-famous British flautist wrote a book titled “A Genius in the Family” in 1997 about their sibling, one of the most celebrated cellists of the 20th century. What is the name of that cellist?

  4. In October of 1830, in the aftermath of France’s July Revolution, Anne was travelling throughout southern France with Lady Stuart de Rothesay and her children when she heard a song being played by the National Guard’s marching band. This song was written during the French Revolution, was banned by the governments of Louis XVIII and Charles X, but was officially made the French national anthem in 1879. What is the name of that song?

  5. Anne was a fan of the opera, and was actually quite the fan of several famous opera singers of her time including Madame Giuditta Pasta and Angelica Catalani, both of whom sang in what vocal range?


  1. Alexander Pope

  2. Gioachino Rossini

  3. Jacqueline du Pre

  4. La Marseillaise

  5. Soprano

Round 5 — Anne Lister’s Travels and Geography


  1. Anne Lister was the first person, male or female, to climb Mt. Vignemale, the tallest of the French Pyrenean summits, so her mountaineering credentials are legendary already, but did you know that she was also the first woman to climb the 2nd tallest mountain of the French Pyrenees, too? What is the name of that 2nd tallest French Pyrenees mountain? I’ll take either the French or Spanish name.

  2. The town of Scarborough, of the infamous Scarborough incident of 1823 when Marianna Lawton criticized Anne’s masculine appearance, is located in which of the “ridings”, or traditional subdivisions, of Yorkshire?

  3. With whom did Anne Lister travel to Switzerland and Italy in 1827, where Anne learned of this travelling companion’s incompatibility, never wanting to go to Italy, or anywhere else for that matter, with this person ever again?

  4. Anne Lister and Ann Walker visited the Scandinavian city of Christiania (also spelled Kristiania) in 1839, but the modern day city no longer goes by that name. What is the modern day, current name of the city once known as Christiania?

  5. In her 1828 Scottish journey with Sibella Maclean, Anne Lister visited a city nicknamed the Granite City for the grey granite quarried nearby. That granite was not only used to build many of the sites in and around the city itself, but was also used to build the terraces of the Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge in London. What is the official name for this Granite City?


  1. Mont Perdu, Monte Perdido

  2. North Riding

  3. Maria Barlow

  4. Oslo, Norway

  5. Aberdeen, Scotland

Lister Bingo

During Lister Bingo our wonderful guests Amanda Walgrove, Pat Esgate, Anne Choma, Clara Barley, Shantel Smith, Alex Pryce, Mary Schwartz (Shibden After Dark), and Laurel & Amanda (VGVL) read Anne Lister's journal entries across the three days of the event while everyone paid attention to the words that filled their cards so they could yell 'NO GOATS!'. Here are the transcriptions for those entries, courtesy of the lovely #AnneListerCodeBreaker folks with blogs:


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